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Remote desktop software plays a vital role in the functioning of any small or medium sized company. The ability to quickly access a coworkers pc or quickly send and download files via remote desktop makes any kind of computer work that much easy.

LogMeIn provides a remote desktop service which has become standard in a big percentage of companies that use remote desktop software. LogMeIn's remote desktop service provides its users with many features that make remote access and user management simple and straightforward for even new users.


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Apart from direct remote desktop use and the ability to upload and download files, LogMeIn remote desktop service also provides features such as user and network management, usage statistics and much more, making project collaboration as simple as it should be.

In order to download LogMeIn's remote desktop service, you can visit their website and after registering for an account simply click the download button. LogMeIn's remote desktop service features three separate clients for three types of users, so be sure to understand which client you need.

These three clients are:

1. LogMeIn remote desktop Pro is the client for endpoint users, providing services such as remote desktop access and remote file upload and download. Most users would require this client.

2. LogMeIn Central features services such as user and network management, user and usage statistics as well as the remote desktop access and file download the Pro client features.

3. LogMeIn Rescue is intended to be used by IT technicians and support desk technicians. This client features a specialized UI tailored for support technicians and has both network and data protection and encryption.

Once you've downloaded your desired client you will be prompted to log in with your LogMeIn account. After that, setting up the software remains pretty simple and straightforward as the software explains what you need to do in every step of the way. At first, you will need to either join or create a network which can be accessed by anyone else with the correct computer access code.

Once set up, LogMeIn's remote desktop functions just like any other similar service, with just a few clicks you can access any other pc on the network, upload and download files and communicate via the built-in instant chat feature.

LogMeIn comes with a variety of plans you can choose accord to the size of your company. The price tags can be rather hefty for small companies or unsure buyers, which is why LogMeIn remote desktop can be tried out for a period of 2 weeks in which no purchase is necessary. The trial version comes to packed with all the features any paid version has and can be cancelled at any time.

All in all, LogMeIn's remote desktop service features an intuitive, easy to use interface and a myriad of features suitable for users of any skill and knowledge level. The connection seems to be rather stable, and all network and server support is done by LogMeIn themselves, making troubleshooting as simple as sending a support ticket.

LogMeIn's remote desktop service just might be the solution for any company that has a hard time coordinating projects and support services.


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